IELTS Speaking

скачанные файлыToday I’m going to share some info on IELTS Speaking module. Hope it will be useful for many of you))
Here is the script of video for your attention.

We’ve introduced the different parts of the IELTS test, and we’ve given you a taste of the listening and reading parts of the test. Next week, we’re going to concentrate on the speaking paper. To help you prepare for that, you’re going to watch an example of part of the speaking test. You’ll see that video in the next step of the course. Before you watch it, though, let’s talk about how the speaking test is marked. In your speaking test, the examiner will be marking you on four things— fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. In each of those areas, you’ll get a Band Score from 1— the lowest— to 9— the highest.
The average of those four scores will be your final Band Score for the speaking paper.

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